Yarahe loots Jail Room Chest

Yarahe breaks out of her cell as well after watching Arthur Dayne taking care of the guard on duty. Arming herself with a iron bar from the broken cell door, she decides to sneak around the corner.

Arthur Dayne tries to help out the two remaining prisoners. Their doors however aren’t as rusty and broken as the other doors, thus, the lovely elf and
slowly follows, but due to not having being taught proper etiquette when young, has forgotten how to keep an indoor voice. He shouts with all his might, “ANYONE HERE?!”

Meanwhile, in the sewer
Talhessa Shadowrend, Keitai Kendo loot Sewer Chest

After releaseing Samael,


Sewer – Talhessa Shadowrend,Keitai Kendo
Guard 2 punches guard 1
Guard 1 punches guard 2
Guard 5 grabs guard 2
Guard 2 punches guard 5

Yarahe escapes the dungeon with telling the guards she’s a prostitute that slept with Lars

Samael intimidates the guards to let him out

Samael and Yarahe enters the house, finding all their gear, a pony and a hireling

Fight off the last guards, loot their items and escape the dungeon as well

Arthur Dayne,Keitai Kendo and Talhessa Shadowrend argue with Samael for their gear. A fight erupts. Samael backs down and hands the other players their gear.

The two guards guarding the entrance head down and show up later with Lars, the guards decide to attack the fleeing party but are scared away by

Arthur Dayne decides to imprison all the knocked out guards.
Samael decides to cut off all their heads as well, just for good measure.

Party sleeps.

Yarahe leaves ahead of the party and finds an abandoned tower. Climbs up and spots several locations.

Deserted area.

The rest of the party arrives.

They agree to stick together.

Head for the church.
Follow path.
Hear draconic conversation. Arthur Dayne speaks draconic, but the creatures are rabid and in no mood to talk. They spot Lars in the middle of the camp, in a tub tied up and naked. A fire being kindled beneath.

Keitai Kendo knocks out Lars during the fight, but they manage to stabilize him afterwards.

Fight erupts. The adventures make short work of the unprepared Kobolds.


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