Breaking free.

You hear rustling from one other cells. An intimidating male voice shouts out. Samael “Now you listen! Let me out of here!”

The guard cares little.

You decide to try another approach.

HEY! Guard! Could I have some water please?”

The guard complies.

There’s a loud bang from another cell.
Arthur Dayne.
A male voice rages as he kicks down the rusty iron bars. No guards come running. You start hearing other people waking up from the commotion.
Talhessa Shadowrend
“Eeeugh, what’s this? Where am I? Why does it smell like sewer!”

Keitai Kendo
“I don’t know, I just woke up. All I remember is visiting the tavern and having a drink or two, but that’s about it..”

Everyone chimes in, “That’s all I can remember as well!”

Arthur Dayne
Feeling the stubble on this face, “We must have been here for several days…” he says as he decides to stay in his now open cell. “We should wait for the guard to come back to figure out what’s going on”

The guard drunkenly stumbles back to Yarahe, handing her a wooden bowl of water. “..thanks”

Arthur Dayne
Sneaks out of his cell while the guard is busy staring at the half naked fighter drinking water. Grabbing the iron bar he kicked out from the prison door, he hits the guard with all his might. He searches for a key, finds nothing, but grabs a simple Sap and the armour the poor guard was using.

Deciding to help the others out of the cells, despite knowing none of them, other than they’re all in the same predicament, he releases Samael.


nih_wtf nih_wtf

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